Performing with such high quality orchestras and soloists is an expensive business. The costs of putting on a concert (including venue, publicity, hire of scores and orchestral parts, amongst many other expenses) are often in excess of £3000 and sometimes as much as £5000. Members pay their subscriptions to meet some of these costs, and ticket sales also make a significant contribution.


We are grateful that the Society’s friends, our Patrons and Sponsors, have shown their appreciation of our work in the form of donations. Because of their continued support and generosity we have been able to perform two very successful concerts this year, whilst remaining in a sufficiently stable financial position to make some exciting plans for the future. Andover Choral Society is indeed fortunate to have such generosity supporting high quality music-making in the community.


If you or your company would like to support us by becoming a Patron or Sponsor please contact our Sponsorship Secretary, Graham Platford on or 07817 826858.


The Andover Choral Society is grateful for the support it receives from our local community. We would like to thank our President, Kit Malthouse MP (MP for North West Hampshire) for his support, as well as our patrons and sponsors for their invaluable financial help:


Mr Frank Barber

Rev Canon Mrs Jill Bentall

Mr and Mrs Bryn Evans

Mr Bernard Griffiths

Mr and Mrs Ian Hamilton

Mr John Perrott

Mr and Mrs Charles Stephens

Mr and Mrs Geoffrey Hunt

Lady Rosemary Johnson-Ferguson

Mrs Tracey Macdonald

Mr and Mrs David Pughe

Dr Jennifer Verity

Mr John Woodley


Donations have also been made to the Society by other supporters who have chosen to remain anonymous. We would also like to express our gratitude to them.